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Terms of business


These general terms and conditions and travel instructions are an integral part of the contract or. concluded referrals / vouchers Bled Adventure Park d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as PPB) and the contracting authority.

The General Terms and Conditions apply only to services organized by PPB, unless it is explicitly stated that they also apply to the sale of arrangements of other organizers. In the event that the special terms and conditions or individual program stipulate otherwise in relation to any point of these general terms and conditions and instructions, the statement or provision specified in the program. In the case of telephone sales or sales via the Internet, the passenger is considered to have accepted the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions when ordering and confirming the provision of PPB services by telephone or via the Internet via e-mail. The provisions of the general terms and conditions and instructions are available on the website, where they are specially marked and generally accessible.

The client is any person who has made a valid reservation or made a purchase and payment for the services of the company Pustolovski park Bled d.o.o. and are subject to these General Terms and Conditions and the Guidelines for Tourist Arrangements.


The Client has the right to cancel the services he / she performs at the person or branch office where he / she also ordered the services.
In the event that the customer cancels the services, PPB is entitled to reimbursement of costs due to the cancellation of services. The amount of reimbursement depends on the time in which the contracting authority submitted the cancellation, which must be in writing.
If the passenger cancels the services, he is obliged to reimburse PPB administrative costs in the amount of 15.00 per person. The amount of reimbursement of cancellation costs depends on the time before the day of commencement of the service in which the client submitted the cancellation or other if canceled the trip:

Instructions and rules

  1. Before first visit of the Adventure Park Bled each participant must read this instructions and rules. Adults must present this instructions and rules to visitors younger than 18 years and sign it for them (name, surname and contact number of the adult must be written on it). Visitor with signature confirms that they have read the instructions and rules and agrees that use of the Adventure Park is on their own responsibility.
  2. Visitors are aware to accept some risks related with climbing activities when using Adventure Park Bled and are fully responsible for their own safety. For company’s responsibility read paragraph 7.
  3. Adventure Park Bled is appropriate for visitors older than 3 years of age, who do not have any psychological problems with height and any other health issues, which may be risky or dangerous. Children under 15 years are allowed to visit Adventure Park Bled only accompanied with adult or professional personnel. For use of specific courses read some additional requirements:
    COURSERequired age and height
    Practice courseAll participants from 6 years
    BABY (yellow)All participants from 3 to 8 years (supervised by an adult)
    A (green)All participants from 6 years and min. height with stretch arms 140 cm
    B (green+)All participants from 6 years and min. height with stretch arms 150 cm
    C (blue)All participants from 8 years and 160 cm with stretched arms
    (children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult person)
    D (red)All participants from 8 years and 160 cm with stretched arms
    (children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult person)
    E (black)All participants from 12 years and 160 cm with stretched arms
    (supervised by an adult)
    ZIP (black◊)All participants from 12 years and 160 cm with stretched arms
    (supervised by an adult)
    ZIP LINEAll participants from 6 years or minimum 20 kg
    (supervised by an adult)
  4. Small objects, like: mobile phones, cameras, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. are not allowed at any time during the use in the Adventure Park, since they can be dangerous for you or other visitors.
  5. Before using the park each visitor must take a short course (theoretical and practical) on the ground for the proper and safe use of the safety equipment, especially how to clip on to the steel cables, which ensure safety in the park. All safety precautions are obligatory and must be considered during the use. In case of violation visitor can be requested to leave Adventure Park Bled. In case of violation company Pustolovski park Bled d.o.o. does not take any responsibility and/or compensation claims.
  6. Safety gear (safety harness, a carabiner and a helmet), which every visitor gets, must not be taken off during the visit of the Adventure Park Bled. Safety gear must be used as instructed during the safety briefing. All components of safety gear must be undamaged and returned immediately after use. Whenever a safety carabiner is not in use, it must be attached to the plastic string on the harness. It is essential that during climbing through the course the safety carabiner is connected to the safety steel cable. Safety carabiner must not be disconnected from the safety steel cable at any time! If in doubt, please advise with one of the instructors for further information.
  7. Company Pustolovski park Bled d.o.o. is responsible in context by law for personal  damage. Company is responsible only for material damage and property in case of instructor’s or owner’s carelessness.
  8. It is allowed that only one person at the time is using single climbing exercise. On the platforms connected to the trees only two persons are allowed at the same time. Use of the Adventure Park is allowed only according to the instructions and rules from paragraph 3.
  9. Organizer can request a visitor to leave Adventure park Bled in case of violation of these rules. Organizer can stop the use in case of safety precautions (fire, strong wind, thunderstorm, etc.). In this case entry fee is not refunded. Entry fee is also not refunded in case of voluntary exit of the Adventure Park.
  10. Use of Adventure Park Bled in not allowed when consuming alcoholic drinks and/or drugs.
  11. Smoking is not allowed during the use of safety equipment and/or during climbing.
  12. Use of Adventure park Bled is not allowed outside working hours.